GutarGoo T-Zone Black Peel Off Mask with Activated Charcoal, AloeVera, Green Tea and Sandalwood Oil for Instant Detox, 15ml

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A revolution that will tranform your visions towards your own beautiful face . Look and feel your skin with an unique aspect . Scratch your cheeks. yes do that , its soft ; now do the same with your nose and forehead , what you gather: your cheeks are the most sensitive and your forehead the least sensitive . So if your facial skin has different textures then why to use the same mask for all the unique zones of your skin: here our quirky product lands to blow your minds , a combination that will change the way you treat your skin. Introducing the very first GutarGoo relieved zone peel off mask solution with three different zones. Get into deep dive into our t-zone : “our very own instant detox handy product here sweeps in your place. the most effective detox therapy at home which removes easy blackheads & whiteheads from your nose and yes facile to carry with fresh fragrance of beautiful raspberries. It is made with the goodness of all herbal extracts which includes, activated charcoal,aloe vera , green tea & sandalwood oil. It brightens the skin and comes with anti-bacterial properties which prevents acne and heal scars. It acts like an anti-oxidant, toner and tightens skin. It contains vitamin – c which heals sunburn and clear clogged pores. You can pamper your skin on weekly basis with this convinient formula”



Benefits: due to the goodness of all herbal extracts, it removes blackheads/whiteheads | tightens pores | brightens skin | fights acne and blemishes | anti-bacterial and leaves a soothing fragrance along with an icy cool effect everytime. Usage: 1-2 times a week


Enriched with all safe ingredients: organic activated charcoal | aloe vera | oats | sandalwood and rosemary essential oil | japonica flower | mint | no sulpher (SLES) and no parabens

Exfoliates and refines deep clogged pores on face to reveal a polished, pore minimized and smooth complexion immediately after first use, skin texture appears refined and smooth. Please carefully follow the instructions manual provided with the product to get the best results.

Products ensures “all that your skin needs”. Pamper your skin


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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 3 cm


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